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Hello Gogis!!
This is an hour event that includes introductory time with the goats, the yoga session, and then a follow-up time where you can take photos/snuggle with the goats if you wish.
What to Bring: Bring a yoga mat or towel that you won’t mind if it gets stepped on (or pooped/tinkled on) by goats. The goats find keys, water bottles, and bags highly entertaining, so we recommend leaving them right outside of the yoga area. Cash if you would like to shop in our farm store.
Weather: Weather permitting, the class will be held outside, so please dress appropriately. If it is raining, the class will be rescheduled.
Age: This event is for anyone 10 years old and over.
The Yoga Class: This is a one hour yoga class for people of all yoga experience levels including people who have never before tried yoga. The yoga is for people of all religions and focuses on breathing and relaxation.
Tickets are limited, must be purchased ahead of time, no walk ins. Tickets are refundable until 24 hours before event takes place.
Purchase Tickets: HERE!
Please remember that this event is held with live animals. While they are tame and friendly, there is still a possibility to encounter nibbling, climbing, bleating, urine and feces. Please note that GoatToBeZen and Prosperity Acres is not responsible for any barnyard behavior that may lead to the damage of your property. If it is valuable or brand new, please leave it at home or locked in your car. A liability waiver must be signed before joining the event.
We look forward to seeing everyone on the mat!
Amanda B

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